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Programmable Room Thermostat.

              Standard room thermostat                    Programmable room thermostat

A standard room thermostat will turn your boiler on and off to keep your home at a particular temperature which can be set by the home owner. These devices will make you home significantly more comfortable than attempting to control the temperature using the boiler's own thermostat.

A Programmable room thermostat can be set to ensure a particular temperature throughout the day just like a standard room thermostat. They will also allow a 'set-back' temperature to be set. A 'set-back' temperature is a temperature that is set on the thermostat for the periods of the day while you're out and also for overnight whilst you're asleep. This stops the house completely cooling down during these times and has been found to be a far more efficient way to heat your home.

Allowing a house to completely cool and then be re-heated costs more energy than keeping the house from completely cooling (the 'set-back' temperaure is 16 centrigrade) and then using a small amount of energy to re-heat the home to a comfortable temperature (typically 22 centigrade).

Another use for programmable room thermostats is where the heating system isn't quite capable of raising the temperature of the house from cold to the required temperature. By using a programmable room thermostat to never let the house completely cool, the boiler has less work to do in raising the temperature. So a comfortable temperature is reachable and is reached faster.



Thermostatic Radiator Valves.

These replace a standard radiator valve. They will adjust the flow of water to a radiator depending on the room temperature. Once the room has reached the temperature set on the thermostatic valve the flow of water to the radiator is stopped and only resumed when the temperature of the room has dropped below the valve's setting.


Difference between different central heating programmers.

Full Programmer ..... Mini Programmer.

Condensing Boilers.



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Energy Saving Controls

There are several ways to improve the enegy efficiency of your heating sytem by incorporating some or all of the following controls.


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