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As a landlord, you're responsible for the safety of your tenants.  Your duties apply to appliances & flues in occupied residential properties. You must ensure that appliances are working correctly and guard against the dangers of carbon monoxide. Every 12 months a gas safety inspection must be made at your occupied properties. A gas landlord certificate is issued giving you guidance of the safety of your gas appliances.

Landlords and Property Management

A landlord certificate involves testing every gas appliance in your property along with the gas piping and gas meter to ensure they are safe. The safety checks carried out on each item are the same as the checks that are carried out on a servicebut doesn’t include the other aspects of a service such as cleaning burner assemblies, heat exchangers, lubrication, gas analysis etc. The purpose of the tests is to satisfy your legal requirement that the appliances are safe to use.




Number of properties*            Cost (each property)

3 or more                                  £30

2                                               £40

1                                               £45


*Refers to number of properties in the same or nearby location, eg, 3 flats in 1 building or split between buildings on the same or adjacent roads, 3 houses on the same or adjacent roads etc.


Please telephone to book landlord certicate(s) or fill out the form below with the property address, landlord certificate due date and access arrangements.
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